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VideoPassion template for DLE 9.8 Russia

Template VideoPassion - the perfect solution for a site devoted to new cinema. If you plan to share with the users information about the latest movies and links to trailers, VideoPassion will make it as convenient as possible.
This pattern is very stylish, it is made ​​in dark colors, but it does not look gloomy and concisely. On the left side of your site will be located an additional toolbar, which will be guided by date, genre films, as well as other methods of filtration.
With a total monochrome design perfectly matches the orange cap template.
GamePro 2.1 Template for DLE 9.8

Template for gaming site GamePro 2.1 - a great choice for a resource dedicated to all kinds of games, like a computer, and platformers. Please note that it is made ​​in dark colors that immediately raises questions about the seriousness of gaming news and articles that will be posted on your site.
This template has a user-friendly interface with a huge number of options. The most interesting news, you can always pick out the top of the image using. In addition, the pattern is integrated into social networks and the ability to conduct polls.

Stylish and modern template for DLE in the style of Windows 8. It is perfect for the site on any subject, but especially - if you are planning to create a resource dedicated to mobile devices or computers.
Through pleasant color schemes, this pattern will attract the attention of all visitors. The intuitive interface, even a child can master. Easy template, and for the owner of the resource, since you do not have to make any changes. The set includes the font, logo and template files.
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