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Technologies and science can't stand still. And our premium WordPress theme is the proof of that. This magnificent hightech-oriented design in shades of gray can be suitable for your blog or an organization website. Put your ideas to work with an entire set of tools provided by the theme. In comparison to others, Geek is an easy-to-use theme. So it does not take a lot of time to figure out how to place the information best and to capture visitors’ attention. Don't waste your time and download this free WordPress theme right now.


“Old” is one of the generic retro-styled premium WordPress themes, devised for no special occasion, but being a pure designer move. It gives the web resource a unique atmosphere, so it’s basically suitable for quite a lot of projects – from historical forums and blogs to commercial websites somehow associated with the “old times”. Among our WordPress themes, there are a lot of retro designs, but this one is one of the most versatile, allowing the use of it in basically any project. Find “Old” on the page of our free WordPress themes.


ForChildren is an amazing free WordPress theme, great solution for website about children. The theme comes with easy-to-use administrative panel and lots of configurations provide a great base to build on.


GamePad is our premium WordPress theme designed to promote games to the wide audience. Its look will allow you to draw attention of different users no matter whether it would be website or news blog. GamePad has smart and catchy design, but at the same time it is really functional free WordPress theme. It could also tell story about your crew and your life-style, promote buying goods to male your life comfortable. Try all the advantages with the free WordPress GamePad theme or get the ad-free version.


“Pop Rock” will remind everyone that Elvis lives. This one is from our music premium WordPress themes collection and we admit – one of the best. It features amazingly popular rock stars of old – Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Such WordPress Themes show exquisite musical taste, and thus, are suitable for web resources associated with quality music. “Pop Rock” will be a total success – visitors are proven to like this design – especially the ones, who appreciate Rock’N’Roll. Try it out in our free WordPress themes list or get the full version to find more benefits.


ExpoSure is excellent solution for site about photography. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


Are you racking your brains what the best solution for your website is? You no longer need to waste your time. This exquisite premium WordPress theme in purple, dark gray and black can't leave you indifferent. Clean lines give it understated elegance that looks modern and fresh without being too flashy. Fully responsive design, integrated contact form… And this is only the beginning of our advanced features list. Check out Femi among our free WordPress themes or download the ad-free version right now.


“Ration” is all about health and fitness – there’s nothing more to it. These premium WordPress themes are perfect for any dietary and sport advice resources, even paid dietologists’ and fitness instructors’ website. “Ration” has a design aimed at the people who are normally concerned with these things, people who care about these things. Such WordPress themes aren’t age-oriented – they’re more dedicated to a special way of life the visitors lead – healthy, active and rational. You can always try “Ration” among our free WordPress themes, or try the full version to get more advantages.


Stylish is excellent solution for your personal blog. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


Give your website an artistic fusion with a dash of hip-hop art and culture by downloading the new premium WordPress theme, Feaury. The theme has a signature black brick wall design with a touch of purple and blue that gives the design a funky look. The theme is ideal for music bloggers, budding hip-hop musicians and fans and for those into street-art and graffiti. Make the most of the WordPress theme with its great features like Social Share Bar and advanced editing options. Get the ad-free Feaury theme by buying the full version.
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