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Do you have great photos and you want the world to see them? GloryShot is our premium WordPress theme designed to meet your needs. It will appeal to wide audience interested in impressions. You can use this free WordPress theme for your portfolio website or photography blog. This theme is also a good solution for website or blog about cities and their history, ancient civilizations and ancient buildings. GloryShot would let your readers feel the emotions of your photos. Try out this free WordPress theme or download the ad-free version.


“Massive” is among the premium WordPress themes for websites or blogs associated with IT industry and programming. It will be comfortable for any specialist visiting the website, because it was created by professional designers especially for them. Of all the WordPress themes we have, this one was used mostly for IT blogs and forums, or non-commercial websites, which is quite strange. The design is appealing and the topic is popular enough for “Massive” to be used as a marketing instrument. Browse the list of free WordPress themes and choose the one to your liking.


There are a few WordPress themes that blend fantasy and contemporary design quite like DesignBlog. It is an electric design that offers a wonderful mix of black and blue and would make for a great creative theme. The premium WordPress theme is one of the most downloaded themes on the website and is growing in popularity everyday. The free WordPress theme will highlight your business to prospective customers in a matter of minutes. Download and installing the theme is easy as 1-2-3. So try it and customise it for your business or personal needs!


What can be more trustworthy and at the same time pleasing for visitor's eyes than a green color scheme of our premium WordPress theme designed specifically for your needs. GeoTaste is a perfect solution for creating of your tourism or health care website or just travel blog. Fresh GeoTaste design is remarkably attractive within a set of helpful and easy customizable features and options. Just try and appreciate the extraordinary possibilities of page layout and its responsiveness for different screen resolutions. Simply download a light version or get the ad-free WordPress theme.


This is one of our premium WordPress themes. It looks totally delicious and will grab the attention of any sushi and rolls lover in seconds. The topic is quite clear – “Food” was meant for anything associated with quality Japanese cuisine, especially the popular dishes we see in every restaurant these days. Among our WordPress themes, there are a few associated with food, but this one is totally specialized and has its own target audience – nothing to calculate or research. Check out “Food” in the list of our free WordPress themes or get the full version now!


It’s not everyday that you come across a design that can set the tone for your website so effectively with such little effort. A minimalistic design in an all-white background, complemented aptly with hues of black and grey — that’s SimpleDesign for you! The premium WordPress theme highlights any type of content and multimedia on your website in a pristine manner. With its wide range of features and widgets, you can customise this free WordPress theme in minutes. Download and install to get the best of WordPress for your website today!


Technologies and science can't stand still. And our premium WordPress theme is the proof of that. This magnificent hightech-oriented design in shades of gray can be suitable for your blog or an organization website. Put your ideas to work with an entire set of tools provided by the theme. In comparison to others, Geek is an easy-to-use theme. So it does not take a lot of time to figure out how to place the information best and to capture visitors’ attention. Don't waste your time and download this free WordPress theme right now.


“Old” is one of the generic retro-styled premium WordPress themes, devised for no special occasion, but being a pure designer move. It gives the web resource a unique atmosphere, so it’s basically suitable for quite a lot of projects – from historical forums and blogs to commercial websites somehow associated with the “old times”. Among our WordPress themes, there are a lot of retro designs, but this one is one of the most versatile, allowing the use of it in basically any project. Find “Old” on the page of our free WordPress themes.


ForChildren is an amazing free WordPress theme, great solution for website about children. The theme comes with easy-to-use administrative panel and lots of configurations provide a great base to build on.


GamePad is our premium WordPress theme designed to promote games to the wide audience. Its look will allow you to draw attention of different users no matter whether it would be website or news blog. GamePad has smart and catchy design, but at the same time it is really functional free WordPress theme. It could also tell story about your crew and your life-style, promote buying goods to male your life comfortable. Try all the advantages with the free WordPress GamePad theme or get the ad-free version.
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